Does Anyone Read These Anyway? Part Two

Guess who is back?  Yup.  You guessed it, me.

Hope you all slept well.  I did but I didn’t if that makes any sense at all.  So let’s continue on from yesterday.

I also have two cats and a dog.  Both cats are indoors but one is allowed outdoors for a bit.  Baldwin is the one that is allowed outside from time to time.  He is about 9 years old now, orange (definitely like Garfield), huge (16.2 lbs), thinks he is boss, but a wonderful cat.  He is very vocal and there are times when he just will not shut his mouth.   He listens very well.  He comes on command, he will sit on command, and he will also high five, given there are treats of course.

Just a little over a month ago, we decided to adopt a cat because why the hell not so we went to our local SPCA and I picked one out.  We decided to try a female and to our surprise, she is a perfect fit.  Her name is Babette but we call her Babs.  Yes, I know we can change her name but this one suits her so well.  As for her age, it’s complicated haha.  On her adoption papers, it says “Mature 4-8 years” which I call bullshit because she looks and acts as if she is maybe only 2 years old.  She is a full grown cat but super tiny weighing in at only 8 lbs.  She is a tortoise shell meaning she has really a unique range of colours all over (don’t worry I will post pictures).  She is very similar to Baldwin personality wise but with much more extras like extra cuddles and actually sleeps with us.  I am so glad Baldwin accepted her.

I did mention we have a dog, right?  Right.  Her name is Kluska.  Kluska in Polish means noodle or fatter noodle.  She is about 9 years old now and is a Leonberger mixed with something else.  She was abandoned and left on our property as a puppy in a box so we kept her.  She is strictly an outdoors dog only but do not worry, her breed is very tolerant to our winters.  Trust me, I have tried to bribe her many times to come into the mudroom and she will not.  Kluska is the happiest dog in the world.  **This section has been a bit revised as I had a technical issue and lost the original.**

So you are probably asking yourself why am I writing and why now.  I tried keeping a journal but it didn’t go as well or as planned.  I used to blog like 3 years ago… it’s been that long, and I read some of the stuff I had on here and just thought that I need to start fresh again and maybe, just maybe this will work better than actual journaling.  It’s only day two but it’s working out better than I thought considering how badly I wanted to blog all morning.  So here I am, blogging, writing…maybe it’s writing that is my passion overall.  I don’t mind the good ol’ pen and paper but I am super good at typing and fast that it works out better.

So like I mentioned before, I am a mum and a wife.  I also am a homesteader, stay at home mum, graphic designer and web designer (which I haven’t done in a while), photographer (another major passion of mine), and I guess I can say I am a medical transcriptionist but not really.  I took the course.  I did enjoy it and all of its challenges but once I found a job with an online company and three months later, only making just a little over 600$, it was absolutely not worth it at all.  They paid by freaking audio minute, no joke, like a dollar something.  I was so depressed and stressed and just felt so shitty for doing so good but not getting the credit that I deserved.  It would have been a perfect job from home considering that Jody only has preschool twice a week for 2 hours but it did not work out.   I did try to see what else was out there online, and other places pay the same or want more years of experience or pay by line, which is not much either.

Radek has a great job.  He is a power engineer but he likes to call himself a building operator.  He is so modest.  He gets all major holidays off.  He is welcome to take time off anytime and its overall a great environment and he genuinely enjoys going to work.  Plus there is ALWAYS work and it keeps him busy which is good.  I am glad and thankful that he is home every evening and on weekends and not gone a week at a time to camp or something.

Totally off topic but man I could sit here and type all day (should I consider writing a book?  That would just be wonderful).  It’s a good thing but I should tend to other things for now.  I know this will always be here if I need to write something.

It is really beautiful out here today.  Spring has definitely sprung.  But it is time for me to wrap this up and enjoy some nature.  Thank you to all who reads these.  It inspires me to write more.  Have a great day or night!




**Note to self:  Start saving your work on other programs and or print them out.**


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