Does Anyone Read These Anyway? 

Hi.  Hello.  Heil.  Bonjour.  Aloha.
I have always wondered, does anyone read these?  I mean people must if apps/sites like this exist.

Well to anyone who does read mine, thank you! I really appreciate it.  Please feel free to comment if the mood strikes.
So, I am CountryCatGal.  I am 31 years old and reside here on Planet Earth.  I am a mum and a wife.  Just one child, a daughter, who is 5 years old and my sunshine. (You know, there is never a better word to describe someone like so unless you use everything or the world, etc.)  Her name is Jody but we call her Joders or for funzies sometimes Jerk or Jerkus because she is a kid and at times can be one.  (Don’t worry, she is completely loved and adored.)

I mentioned I was a wife, right?  Right.  I am happily married to a wonderful man, who I have known since we were young preteen kids.  No joke.  I met this guy when I was like 8 years old and told myself back then that I would marry this guy one day; 24 years later, I am here married to him.  He surely is the love of my life and the bestest friend a gal could ever ask for.
(I didn’t realize how late it’s getting.)

Okay.  Time to wrap this up for tonight.  I promise I will keep going tomorrow.  I got you interested didn’t I?!?!  HA!  Okay.  I am off for tonight and I will be back tomorrow.  Sleep well.




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