For Hours…

Have you ever found an interest in something or a hobby that you could just do for hours?  I have many things I could do for hours.  I could clean, I could write, read, paint, colour, etc.  Just a whole variety of activities I really enjoy doing.  (Yes, I enjoy cleaning.  #neatfreak)

As of lately, I have been a bit addicted to playing Sims 3.  I think the most thing that I do enjoy from it is designing the home that I have purchased in the game.  From picking the wallpaper to how the kitchen will look, I could literally sit here for hours and do that.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing the actual game and making my Sim character a success and build relationships and all, but the whole designing and rearranging furniture really gives me such fun.

I will confess, I played this morning already…for over an hour.  Guilty.  Sometimes I think the reason why I enjoy going on Sims to design the house and all is because it gives me many ideas on how I want our house deisgned when we decide to build or have a house put on our land in the future.  I love the home we are in currently but I think we need a little more space and this gal NEEDS more kitchen and counter space.  It would definitely be nice to just much a bit more space every  where overall.  I am not entirely sure what the square footage is on our current home at the moment but I think its only like 1000 sq feet.  For three of us with two indoor cats is not bad but again, we definitely could use the extra space.

It is amazing how we make things work in here as it is.  Maybe with bigger space we would be lost but I doubt it.  I think it would be less crowded.

Which brings me to another thing…I have a problem.  This problem is nothing to worry about but I have this thing that I like to rearrange and feng shui, and let me tell you, I could do that for hours and almost on a daily basis haha.  We have rearranged our home so much that the drastic changes it has gone through over the years is pretty amazing.  It’s always like a different living area.  Its amazing though how simple rearranging of furniture can make huge difference in the flow and harmonization of your home.

When I find a series on Netflix that I really like, I can watch that for hours.  Currently, I am watching Bones and am totally inlove with it!  I watched a couple of episodes last night but I think I have to go back and rewatch the end of one episode and rewatch one entire episode since I was passing out haha.  We were watching and already on season 5 of House but stupid Netflix ended up taking it off without any warning, so that was a real piss off.  We started watching Schitts Creek and that sort of made up for it.

All and all, I am sure everyone has a handful of activities and hobbies they can do for hours.  I think it is good to keep busy and always have your brain going or your body moving.  Life would be too boring if there was nothing to do.  I always find something.  If you have anything to ever share like so, please do not hesitate to comment and share.  I should go and do mum stuff haha.  Have a great Thursday!





Here is a little #throwbackthursday IMG_20160526_121200



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