Weed + Wine = Divine 

Happy weekend and Happy Saturday folks!! 

There is nothing better than having some weed and wine.  I am a very big wino and I know my wines.  I personally prefer red; a nice merlot or malbec.  I am not a fan of the sweeter wines like a Rosé but during a hot summer day, a nice chilled glass of Rosé is quite tasty.  Right now, I am currently enjoying the lovely Eco-Frog Merlot•Malbec and all its goodness.  The best part too is that it is an organic wine and it is absolutely divine.  

Mmm…weed, the taste, the smell, love it all.  I have been cannabis user for 15 years and fully support it.  **If you are reading this and judging me because I smoke weed, wait…, vape weed, 1) you better do some hardcore fucking research on cannabis and its health benefits as it has saved my life, 2) get the fuck outta here.**  

I like smoking weed but I really prefer to vape it as it is healthier and better for your lungs.  I find the high lasts longer.  Makes you feel really good. I smoke indica and vaping it does not make me sleepy or fatigued at all.  I feel super calm and very relaxed, and if anything hurts, it goes away. 

I finally had a moment to share something and simply simple does it.  Have a great weekend! Stay safe and have fun. 




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