To whomever reads my blogs,

Question. I am always baffled when it comes to thinking of titles for my blogs. Any advice? Thank you ahead of time.

Today Jody starts her new level of swimming lessons and is pumped. Turns out also great for us that after swimming is done, there is a parent/tot swim for an hour after and after that there is a public swim for 2 hours. By the end of summer this kid will be a freaking mermaid.

Lately though I feel a bit lost, overwhelmed, I don’t know. Everything all at once. Over a week ago, I told myself that I would wake up at 6AM every day….yeah…not so much. I should change that to maybe 6:30 as it doesn’t seem so drastic as 6.

I have been slacking with my school/course, whatever you want to call it. Good thing there really is no time line to follow but I should get my ass into gear. But it’s fucking summer and I want to do other things.

You know, I never understand how women with more than one kid do shit. Actually, do anything. I have it pretty good with mine but with all these other things and projects and what not I have going, it’s quite the balance of things that seems to be unbalanced.

My post is all over the place, so my apologies.

Before I forget, I am considering of writing a book. I cannot decide what kind of book but I want it to be a bit different than what is out there already which makes it that much harder. So I am very open to any ideas or opinions or anything else for that matter.

10:01AM here and this cat has to run.

Happy Monday Bloggers!!!





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